Elaborating Company: Wines Miquel Gelabert.
Varieties of grape: callet, tempranillo, cabernet and syrah
System of farming: callet in vase, tempranillo, cabernet and syrah trellis system.
Place of the vineyard: Manacor, Mallorca (Spain).
Denomination of Origin: denomination of Origin Pla i Llevant-Mallorca.
Type of wine: Red wine with upbringing.
Alcoholic grade: 13º

Fermentation: deposit of rustproof steel to controlled temperature.
Upbringing: 12 months in American and French oak casks.
Note of tasting: cherry-red color, with twinkles of ruby, clean and brilliant.
In the nose, aromas of upper intermediate intensity, with memories to red fruits on a fund of quality wood, which contributes aromas of vanilla and toasted, that us resemble the leather, lightly balsamic.

In the entry in mouth it is evident dry, pleasant, widely; his step turns out to be balanced, round, with good acidity, possesses an aromatic and long end.
Recommendations: it combines well with all kinds of meats barbecue, stews not too spicy, sausages and it is a good chord for all kind of kitchen.

Temperature of service: to serve between 16ºC -18ºC
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